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Mr. & Mrs. Hunter

Hi I'm Carol Ann :)
I am from an itty bitty town in Southwest Louisiana. I am the first born in my family. Next comes the two sisters, little brother, along with my mom & dad. Needless to say the girls ran the house. ;) (And I think they still do). Anyways, my daddy is a pastor, and yes that makes me... a pastors daughter. Throughout my childhood the Lord placed godly role models in my life that helped mold me into the girl I am today, and I'm SO thankful for that! After high school I went on to college, where I met my handsome hubby. My loves include singing, chatting, shopping, baking, cooking, my crafting, & cleaning. (I know, I'm weird..must be a firstborn thing!;) And this is my hubby, Brett. Ain't He cute?!
Brett was raised in a small town near Lynchburg Virginia. (Yep, you guessed it, I married a yankee!;) There is know question that God made us for each other. Brett is the middle child in a house full of boys; two brothers, one sister, and his mom & dad. He was also blessed to be raised in a wonderful family who taught him to seek Christ at an early age. After High school Brett also went to college at BBC, where he was a music major. He loves MUSIC, leading worship, learning, & reading. And here is where our little love story begins!
Our story we always be so special to us. Neither of us every seriously dated anyone until each other. Not because no one ever liked us (lol) but because we both had "Our Lists" of the perfect spouse and were pretty picky!...So single people be picky!!! ;) Anyways, we met each other my freshman year and his sophomore year at BBC. We were in absolute puppy love! We dated for about 3 and 1/2 months during summer aaaaand it didn't end so well when school started up in the fall. The week that school started, he broke up with me. His reasons were because we weren't connecting spiritually.. and he was right! I knew he was the man God had set apart for me, but I wasn't in the right place with the Lord. God used that to bring my closer to him. We did not speak for TWO years. I mean would not even look at each other! I claimed to be "mad" at him through this time. Poor guy!! We were even neighbors for a couple of months.. THAT was awkward lol. :) But that was also God working to bing us together. In our time apart, I finally gave my life to Christ! I grew close to him in that time of loneliness. Brett also grew! He was able to grow as a worship leader and go on trips to the Philippines & Africa. After my salvation I started praying for Brett and little did I know he was praying for me! We were praying for each other! :) We FINALLY talked and decided to be friends. That didn't last long :) We got engaged 7 months later.. On a beautiful Mountain :)
7 months after that we had our STORYBOOK wedding!!!!!! :)
Oh and we definitely went to DISNEY WORLD on our honeymoon. :) I highly recommend it!
After Disney, we packed up what little we had and moved to Texas. Brett was a worship pastor and I tried desperately to find a teaching job. (Subbing, tutoring. :). Oh and we got our first puppy! Ellie Mae Hunter
Now, just one year later God has moved us to Kansas City MO. Brett is the a worship pastor and I am living my dream, taking care of him and our little family :) We are loving the life God has given us and are enjoying every moment together!